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Welcome to the SmartTunable MSA Group

About SmartTunable MSA

The SmartTunable MSA seeks to establish a standardization for self tuning algorithms within wavelength tunable transceivers such that product from different vendors will interoperate and self-tune properly.  Currently, multiple proprietary Self-Tuning Optic (STO) schemes are being implemented by various transceiver suppliers, however none of these will work appropriately with each other.  This MSA provides a technical framework for allowing customers to multisource their wavelength tunable transceivers with compatible STO functions.

Benefits of SmartTunable MSA

Value Add vs Fixed:


  • Simplify deployment 
  • No need for tuning box or tracking λ’s
  • Less technician time in the field


  • 1 module instead of a box of 96 λ’s
  • CapEx Avoidance → Reduced inventory
  • Increased savings

Overview SmartTunable Operation

1. When TSFP+/TSFP28 modules are inserted into the corresponding electrical ports,(1) central office and (2) remote site, both modules automatically start the automatic tuning process

2. The process ensures that the modules tune to the channel determined by the DWDM filter (Mux/Demux) which both modules are connected to

3. After completion of the automatic tuning process, both modules fix their wavelengths and move into normal operation

4. The modules shall appear as regular tunable products to the host system once selftuning is completed.



To join, email your request to MSA Chair:  David Lewis,

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